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Fresh Homemade
Italian Pasta


Our Story

I get my passion for good cuisine from my Emilian (north Italian) family roots.

I learned the ancient art of hand-making pasta from my grandmother and aunts on my father’s side.

Over time, I started creating my own recipes for fresh pasta seasoned with herbs and vegetables – a quality niche-product.

About Us

Michele Mini has began his adventure in Berkeley (CA) last November and after a few months dedicated to finding a location in the SF Bay Area area, he took into consideration sharing a production space with attached Retail / Restaurants, in Grass Valley (Nevada County)  to start its integration process in the US through the production and the resale of high quality, fresh specialty pasta.

  • We love Food

    because it’s an age-old expression, a healthy experience for our bodies, an enriching of our souls, and a cultural exchange leading to our personal growth.

  • We believe in innovation

    because it boosts interaction among people, it makes us live more comfortably through different experiences,and because it is a social means for promoting our ideas.

  • We yearn for quality

    because it is an essential element of life, it is an added value in every minute, every hour, every day of our lives, or at least while we are savoring our meals!

What our customers say

I really loved it! Both the nettle and the porcini were superb in flavor and in texture.

I hope that we can get more of it soon as I would love to serve it here… Flavored or unflavored, I think that the texture is the winning part.

Amaryll Schwertner

I had a sage flavored one with a very simple tomato sauce and though I am no generally much for flavored pasta, I actually really loved this one. Italian sage tastes differently to me.

Viola Buitoni